5 years with Shaligraphics

I posted this picture as the FIRST ever photograph on my Shaligraphics journey exactly five years ago (25. January 2012). Que the popular quote: “Started from the bottom now we’re here”.

The thing I love about Shaligraphics, is that I never planned anything out for where it might take me. I just did what I like. I saved up money to buy my first camera NX1000. And wow it was a whole new world for me, from capturing moments with my Sony Xperia mini to having a lens. I could now call myself a photographer.

I remember that time as the transition of my life. As a teenager I went through the typical “who am i” and “what interests me” fase. A lot happened in my personal life back then, which made me pull myself backwards and hide in the shadows until the storm is over. And a camera was a great way to get out and take a walk, gather my thoughts, cry out loud if I wanted. I had total freedom to express myself behind the lens, capturing what I see and feel. Looking back, I can sense these feelings through the filters and angles I liked to use.

EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTOGRAPH. I’ve taken has a meaning for me. I can remember each and everyone and tell you the stories behind. Some sad some happy some dear to my heart.

In 2015 Shaligraphics was getting attention. I got requests for photoshoots, weddings, events and parties. But… I lost something along that path. I lost my personal feelings behind the photos. I was trying to capture the best moments to please people and let them have their own personal feelings towards the final product. Yes it became a product. Photography was suddenly work for me. I didn’t like it as much as before and that made me hate it.

So I stopped in January 2016 because of back problems. And for 6 months…. maybe more.. I didn’t touch, look or even think of my camera. I let it dust in my drawer, which saddened me. Because it is a part of who I am. And I really had to force myself to get the feeling back. It’s now January 2017 and I’m still struggling with getting that desire and positive charge back.

Hopefully when 5 more years passes, I’ll remember this as the “Hitting rock bottom, now there’s only one way.. and it’s up” fase.

I would like to thank my family, friends and Tumblr followers for reenergising and motivating me to keep going through these 5 long years!

Here’s some of the highlights from my journey 2012-2014:

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Shalimar Agha. 23 yrs old. Multimediadesigner & Photographer. Located in Copenhagen.

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