Hello World?

First ever point on my new journey.

I decided to start documenting every step of my future projects and goals that I wish to achieve. My field of interest is within multimedia and digital creativity. I graduated from KEA as a multimedia designer last year, and I’ve been working in a web bureau since. I have earned a lot of knowledge and experience from working there with a great team willing to teach me and guide me through my many mistakes and lack of knowledge. I also tried wedding photography at oriental weddings and parties, and it gave me a big social push to go out and talk with freshly baked brides. A fun and exhausting experience I must say. 

After a year of experiencing how the job market works, I wanted to study some more. Unfortunately I didn’t pass the entrance exam, but that kinda opened up a whole world of opportunities for me.

I ended up seeing the positive side of having a LOT of free time to do all the things and projects I always postponed. I have so many ideas and ambition to achieve many things, but prioritised work the past year.

This journey I’m going on will require a lot of discipline from my side and a detailed future plan. But when there’s a will, there’s a way!

For Shali in the future: I hope you achieve all your goals and much more. FIGHTING! 

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Shalimar Agha. 23 yrs old. Multimediadesigner & Photographer. Located in Copenhagen.

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