New NX joined my collection

While I was in London I found it very inconvenient to carry my big SAMSUNG NX30 camera with me wherever I go, so I ended up leaving it at home and capture photos with my standard phone camera.

My Samsung Note 4 captures really good quality but I miss some depth in the photos, so I searched for a compact camera on Samsungs webpage and fell in love with NX Mini!

It’s ultra slim (22.5 mm) with a flip screen¬†and a changeable lens !! How cool is that.. Unfortunately not a single store has it in storage in either UK or Denmark, so I had to buy mine on eBay from a German seller.

I finally received it yesterday and it has fulfilled my expectations on image quality, the design is convenient and the smart features are exactly the same as in my NX30.

My plans for this camera is to bring it everywhere with me and remove that limit I put to myself when I want to capture a moment in HD.

You can see the quality and awesome Macro effect this mini camera captures in these photos (No editing – these images are as raw as they can be):






The camera got a beauty filter effect for selfies ^


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