Graphic Design

Wedding Invitation design

I designed the wedding invitations for my friends.



Print Material for ‘SF Özlem Cekic’ – Election June 2015

I was asked to make an A3 poster and bike flyer with InDesign.


Volunteer Multimediadesigner – NGO: Afri-CAN 

I designed folders, posters, greeting cards, gift cards, email material and produced video for Afri-CAN as part of their Communication Team.


Global Projects 

I worked with following companies in London;  Loro Pay, Venn Financial and Paradise Management Ltd 

This logo design is for Loro Pay, a company that works with cross border payments. The same owners started Venn Financials and I vectorised their logo. Also I made banner design proposals for their website.


Paradise Management Limited – Real Estate Agent

Paradise Management Ltd asked me to design business card and showcase flyers for the owner’s apartments.

I used my own photos for the business card.